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About me

My name is Rodolfo García Peñas, AKA kix.

  • I was born in the small town near of Madrid, the capital of Spain.
  • I have studied computer sciences and now I am doing my PhD in computer sciences with Nemo and Enrique Soriano
  • I am working for an important Spanish telecomunication company, in the network planning area
  • I am trying to write a "blog".


I am working, in my spare time, on these projects:

  • Debian: I am maintaining some packages, mainly Window Maker and suspend-utis (uswsusp). More info about Debian packages here.
  • suspend-utils: I was maintaining the suspend machine database. Now I am working on this project. You can find information about it here, about the source in the Git tree and some old database scripts and revisions here
  • Window Maker: I am working on the Window Maker window manager. More info about Window Maker here and about the source code here. The BTS is here.

Other stuff


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