Updating Seagate Hard Disk Firmware with bootable USB

I have a Seagate hard disk. Usually, the Seagate hard disk drives have firmware updates, some of them very critical for the saved data. Some years ago I had to recover a Seagate hard disk because the firmware had a problem and the hard disk headers were unaligned with the data. Now, I try to have the hard disk firmware updated.

The main problem is that some Seagate firmware updates use a CD-ROM, but my computer do not have CR-ROM.

This post shows how to update a Seagate hard disk firmware using a USB dongle.

Seagate Hard Disk Firmware

Remember, you do this at your own risk. Backup your data, read the Seagate procedures.

Firmware download

The first step is download the firmware update file. You can use your hard disk serial number to find the file in the Seagate support page :

Seagate Support

Use Drive Detect Tool :

Seagate Drive Detect

Or find the hard disk model number in the disk and Google it. Mine is a Seagate, model ST31000333AS, and a quick search in Google (ST31000333AS firmware) shows this:

ST31000333AS at Google

Then, you will get a page like this to download the firmware:

ST31000333AS firmware download

Download the “.iso” file using the link.

USB Drive creation

To create the boot USB drive we will use the Universal USB Installer . This tool is used to create Linux images in USB, but we can use it to create a FreeDOS boot USB drives. Download the tool.

At this point we have all what we need to create the booting USB:

  • Empty USB Drive, used for booting.
  • Universal-USB-Installer file, Universal-USB-Installer- in my downloads folder.
  • Firmware image for our drive. For my ST31000333AS drive, firmware file is Brinks-3D6H-SD1B.iso.

Then, we can plug the USB drive in the computer and run Universal-USB-Installer. In the tool we need select these fields:

  • Step 1: Try Unlisted Linux ISO (GRUB). The item is at the end of the list.
  • Step 2: The firmware file. For me is Brinks-3D6H-SD1B.iso.
  • Step 3: The empty USB drive.

Running USB Installer

Then click on Create and your USB drive will be ready to boot. Please, read the Seagate documentation before boot the system. Remember, backup your data first, do it at your own risk.